To rent Walkie talkie our office may not be open 24/7, but our online rental application form never closes. Get your immediate quote for your project using the form below at any time.

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Digital world is better for business so we developed our online services to be easy for our client


Visit our Online STORE, which includes many products that suit your business and enjoy the purchase process with a one-year warranty on any product and shipping to your door

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when you have an urgent inquiry to rent walkie talkie our office may not be open 24/7, our online rental application form never closes. Get your immediate quote for your project using the form below at any time.

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You do not need to go anywhere, you can easily recharge your Thuraya and Inmarsat SIM prepaid from your place this service is (not available now but will launch soon)



Ghamz Trading Corp. [GTC], is a leading value-added supplier of Radio Communications products, GPS products, Satellite communication products, and Military and Law Enforcement Products in Kingdom of Saudi Market.

Through regular market research projects, aimed at supplying and developing the newest solutions and products of the highest standards in order to remain ahead in a competitive economic market. Today Ghamz is working hardly to gain more clients in the local market by hiring expertise qualifiers and managing the hard competition in Kingdom, within the Varity of fields we are active in. Ghamz Est., has gain their client trustiness during the past few years in the field of supplying GPS (Global Positioning system) in different sectors in Saudi Arabia.


    With Ghamz, you can hire the proper communication system for a day or longer. our communication systems are maintained and in excellent condition, we are offering pre-of-charge site visits to test


    our fleet of 5,000 devices of products from the largest manufacturers in the world such as Motorola, Icom, TYT, Kenwood, Yeasu, and Baofeng, in addition to providing free site inspection service, and finding the best solutions to create a complete network at the lowest cost.


    Do not worry about your old system, we will provide you with devices that are compatible with your old system, whether digital or analog, in addition to providing the necessary support to ensure the efficiency of the entire system.

Events we participated

We have provided our smart solutions to communicate and increase the efficiency of the work of our organizing partners for these large events in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


  • Real competitive prices

    You will request a proposal from Ghamz, We are quite certain that our prices shall not be changeable to others.

  • Free services

    We are keen to satisfy our customers to the fullest, so we do many free services such as:

    • Pre-delivery site preview service to find out the best communication solutions suitable for your project through extensive analyzes and measuring coverage on every inch of the site, as it is also part of the possibilities in order to reach the appropriate and rapid solution
    • Free training and support for workers and employees to ensure maximum benefit and provide support in the event of malfunctions or problems as a result of misuse

    We call that carefree full service!!

  • Trust and credibility

    When you are looking for a reliable company for renting Two-way Radio equipment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you will find Ghamz in the first place. Ghamz was established in 2007 to specialize in Two-way Radio communication solutions as an authorized supplier for major manufacturers in the world such as Motorola, Icom, Yaeso, TYT, Baofeng, Kenwood, Thuraya, Inmarsat and Garmin with a precedent A business full of achievements, then our services expanded to be the first to provide a service for renting Two-way Radio communication equipment (Two-way Radio walkie-talkie) in Saudi Arabia. Learn more about Ghamz.

  • Our online store

    As mentioned previously, our services are not limited to supply or rent, discover our online store Ghamz Store and enjoy the experience of buying licensed devices online with ease directly to your door (it has not been officially launched)

  • Fast delivery anywhere in the kingdom

    We are keen to increase the quality of our services by contracting with distinguished shipping companies such as DHL and SMSA

  • Equipment in good condition and high quality

    Service of renting Two-way Radio devices from Ghamz, you will find many advantages, the most important of which is the presence of devices and equipment in excellent condition due to determining the times of use by the customer, checking and maintaining the devices or renewing them after each use or providing devices for the first use according to the applicable terms of use

  • Speed and flexibility in dealing

    Your comfort is important to us. We pay attention to detail so that you find everything is taken care of and done right. No matter how late you are, you will find execution on schedule for your project.

  • You do not need long-term contracts

    Other companies that provide Two-way Radio equipment rental service impose a minimum rental period, knowing that you may need to rent less than the minimum period at the appropriate cost for sure

  • Finding the right product and solution

    Do not bear the burden of searching for the best solutions for your project, leave it to us to find the best solutions in your hands at the best cost.

  • Customer support and after sales service

    Customer comfort and satisfaction is our goal. We have a highly efficient team working to provide full support to our valued customers

Why Ghamz provide rental service

You no longer need to buy a Two-way Radio device to use it for a short period and then dispense with it. In Ghamz, we provide a service for renting Two-way Radio devices for the period allocated to your project, whether it is a short or long-term project, in addition to Ghamz services that are not limited to renting Two-way Radio devices only. Ghamz provides all communication solutions Two-way Radio from the supply, installation, maintenance and design of complete networks in addition to the after-sales service of training, support and customer service for free.