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Affiliate Program

Join Ghamz Online Affiliate marketing program

Affiliate Program

Why become an Ghamz Affiliate?

Ghamz is a leading telecommunication supplier in Saudi Arabia, providing tailored solutions for Government, Enterprise and Individuals to keep them in touch at site, while journey, at planet or at sea with truly competitive prices comparing to any supplier in Kingdom.

Join Ghamz Online Affiliate marketing program and start generating revenue for your site right away.


It’s Free.

Become an online affiliate program partner. It’s free to join. No startup or maintenance fees, only revenue for you.

Best payout in the Industry.

Ghamz payouts to new affiliate partners start at $25 = SAR 100 per device sale and it only goes up from there! With your growing program, plus regular spiffs you’ll have the opportunity earn huge commissions.

We use a direct Payment system

You will need to provide us with information about the order, Our in-charge team will request your bank information during registration, therefore, any future commission will be directly transferred to your bank account and email of information will be sent.


We are here to support you.

Being an online affiliate partner is easy. We offer copy, banner, tips & tricks, promo codes, marketing assets, phone numbers and all sorts of programs to maximize your commission and help you inform the customer.

In addition, we are open to receive any leads from your side and will preserve the commission of the completed projects even you just dropped it to us.


How do you get started?

1-   Drop us an email.

Click on “Contact us now” button below to send us your information as (Email, Name, Bank Details, Copy of ID/Passport, Mobile Number)

2-   Confirmation.

You will receive a confirmation email if your request is approved.

3-   Access

You then will have access to assets and program details, allowing you to start earning affiliate commissions from your website right away!