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Rental Policy

Two Way Radio Rental – First in Kingdom

Specialists in communication solutions, Ghamz offers flexible two-way radio Rental solutions for short- and long-term assignments and up to 1,000 radios available on demand. Our radio rental service is designed to enable rapid on-site scaling, project-based work and replacements as required. Our two-way radio Rental solutions are guaranteed to handle world-class technical projects and can be scaled to cater for:

·       Major Events Radio Rental as Sporting and Concerts

·       Corporate Communication Projects Radio Rental

·       Mining, Oil and Gas Radio Rental Site Communications

·       Transport and Logistics Radio Rental

·       Construction Radio Rental


Short and Long-Term Two-Way Radio Rental

Leading the two-way radio rental market in Saudi Arabia, our communication solutions are tailored to the needs of industry. No matter the radio rental period or location, our two-way radio fleet Rental solutions are supported by maintenance teams in every state and delivered by a dedicated local account manager.

Our flexible two-way radio Rental contracts include:

·       Radio accessories (battery, antenna, charger, microphone)

·       Additional batteries

·       Programming


- Minimum of 2 Days for All equipment 

- Ghamz shall deliver the equipment to the site once Purchase Order and Payment done within 48 Days. 

- Other terms to agreed upon releasing the terminals;