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Motorola RLN4008E Radio Interface Box

Motorola RLN4008E Radio Interface Box

Product Shape: Same as the picture show

This box is required to program most of the Motorola radios by links radio programming cable and computer interface together

This box connects directly to the computer with the supplied cable.

1. Work with external DC 9 Volt adapter or 9 Volt Battery

2. Connector include DB9 Male and DB25 Male

Please Note That:

Battery and AC Adaptor are not included

Compatible Motorola Models:

GP300 GP350 GTX HT50 HT600 HT750 HT1000 HT1250 HT1500 JT1000 MT2000 MTS2000 MTX800 MTX810 MTX820 MTX838 MTX900 MT1000 MTX8000 MTX9000 P100 P110 P200 P1225 Pro5150 Pro7150 Pro9150 Saber Saber/ASTRO Saber SI SystemSaber SP50 STX STX821 STX821E Visar XTS3000 ETC

Support Mobile:

CDM750 CDM1250 CDM1550 GM300 M1225 M100 MCS2000 Maratrac Maxtrac Radius Mobiles Spectra Astro Spectra SM50 Syntor X9000 etc.

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