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Motorola GP380 VHF handheld two-way radios 5W analog

Motorola GP380 VHF handheld two-way radios 5W analog
Motorola GP380 VHF handheld two-way radios 5W analog

Motorola GP380 VHF Professional handheld two-way radios 5W analog

A truly versatile two-way radio packed with intelligent features. The intuitive menu and complete key pad also makes the feature easily accessible.

Motorola GP380 is a capable two-way radio suitable for virtually any operation. The extensive functionality, key pad and user-friendly menus makes it flexible enough to meet most requirements. And just like all other radios in Motorola’s classic “Waris” series the GP380 provide efficient, reliable and secure communications.

Besides offering an efficient and reliable communication it provides properties and features to keep lone workers safe. For instance it is equipped with a dedicated emergency button that can be programmed to make emergency calls to multiple pre-defined recipients. It also has a Lone Worker feature that automatically initiates an emergency if the does not confirm their well-being regularly.

According to tradition Motorola has ensured that the GP380 also has the highest quality. The radio meets or exceeds all categories in the quality assurance programs MIL-STD and Motorola ALT™. They also meet the requirements of IP54.


Whisper mode - Increases microphone sensitivt to allow user to communicate discreetly.

Private Line ™ and Selective signalling (5 tone)


Emergency button

Lone Worker

Option Board


Programmable hotkeys



Antenna Yes
Battery Life 11 hours
Emergency Button Yes
IP Standards IP54
Channels 255
Frequency 136 - 174 MHz
Channel Spacing 25
Keypad Full Keypad
Display LCD

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