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ICOM HM-148G Heavy Duty Militery Microphone

ICOM HM-148G Heavy Duty Militery Microphone
ICOM HM-148G Heavy Duty Militery Microphone

Hand microphone for Icom UHF and VHF mobile radios


Heavy Duty Mic for ICOM Mobile Radio F6011 F5011 F1721 F221 F121 as HM-148G, Brand New!

360 degrees rotatable clip is attached on the back;

Additional 3.5mm earphone jack is enclosed;

Push to talk button on the left Heavy-duty cable assembly with strain relief.

Heavy Duty Self Grounding type Hand Microphone (HM-148G)

HM-148G self-grounding microphone has a mechanism for self grounding where a grounding wire is no longer required.

For ICOM Radio:

IC-F121, IC-F121S, IC-F221, IC-F221S, IC-F1721, IC-F1721D

IC-F1821, IC-F1821D, IC-F2721, IC-F2721D, IC-F2821, IC-F2821D

IC-F5010 IC-F6010, IC-F5011, IC-F6011, IC-F5012, IC-F6012   

IC-F5013, IC-F6013, IC-F5013H, IC-F6013H, IC-F5021, IC-F6021

IC-F5022, IC-F6022, IC-F5023, IC-F5026, IC-F6023, IC-F5060

IC-F5060D, IC-F6060, IC-F6060D, IC-F5061, IC-F5061D, IC-F6061

IC-F6061D, IC-F5062, IC-F5062D, IC-F6062, 

IC-F6062D, IC-F5063, IC-F6063, IC-F5023H, IC-F5026H

IC-F6023H, IC-F5360D, IC-F6360D, IC-F5220D, IC-F6220D

IC-F5121D, IC-F6121D

IC-F5123D, IC-6123D

IC-F9511HT, IC-F9511, IC-F9511S, IC-F9521T, IC-F9521S

IC-F9523S, IC-9523T, IC-F621TR

Waterproof IP54
Cable Length 49 cm
Connector information Modular

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