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Garmin NUVI Car Charger

Garmin NUVI Car Charger

Power up while you’re on the go with this 12 V adapter. It’s your in-vehicle charger when you’re out on the open road.

Compatible Device:

Aviator Action Pack  (D2™ and VIRB® Elite Aviation Bundle)Aviator Action Pack (D2™ and VIRB® Elite Aviation Bundle)

Delta Upland™ Delta Upland™

dēzl™ 560LMTdēzl™ 560LMT

dēzl™ 570LMTdēzl™ 570LMT

dēzl™ 580 LMT-Sdēzl™ 580 LMT-S

dēzl™ 760LMTdēzl™ 760LMT

dēzl™ 770LMTHDdēzl™ 770LMTHD

dēzl™ 780 LMT-Sdēzl™ 780 LMT-S

dēzl™ OTR500dēzl™ OTR500

dēzl™ OTR700dēzl™ OTR700

dēzlCam™ 785 LMT-SdēzlCam™ 785 LMT-S

dēzlCam™ LMTHDdēzlCam™ LMTHD

eTrex® 10 Geocaching BundleeTrex® 10 Geocaching Bundle

eTrex® Touch 25eTrex® Touch 25

eTrex® Touch 35eTrex® Touch 35

Garmin Dash Cam™ 10Garmin Dash Cam™ 10

Garmin Dash Cam™ 20Garmin Dash Cam™ 20

Garmin Dash Cam™ 30Garmin Dash Cam™ 30

Garmin Dash Cam™ 35Garmin Dash Cam™ 35

Garmin Drive™ 50Garmin Drive™ 50

Garmin Drive™ 50LMGarmin Drive™ 50LM

Garmin Drive™ 50LMTGarmin Drive™ 50LMT

Garmin Drive™ 51 LMGarmin Drive™ 51 LM

Garmin Drive™ 51 LMT-SGarmin Drive™ 51 LMT-S

Garmin Drive™ 52Garmin Drive™ 52

Garmin Drive™ 52 & TrafficGarmin Drive™ 52 & Traffic

Garmin Drive™ 60LMGarmin Drive™ 60LM

Garmin Drive™ 60LMTGarmin Drive™ 60LMT

Garmin Drive™ 61 LMGarmin Drive™ 61 LM

Garmin Drive™ 61 LMT-SGarmin Drive™ 61 LMT-S

Garmin DriveAssist™ 50LMTGarmin DriveAssist™ 50LMT

Garmin DriveAssist™ 51 LMT-SGarmin DriveAssist™ 51 LMT-S

Garmin DriveLuxe™ 50LMTHDGarmin DriveLuxe™ 50LMTHD

Garmin DriveLuxe™ 51 LMT-SGarmin DriveLuxe™ 51 LMT-S

Garmin DriveSmart™ 50LMTGarmin DriveSmart™ 50LMT

Garmin DriveSmart™ 50LMTHDGarmin DriveSmart™ 50LMTHD

Garmin DriveSmart™ 51 LMT-SGarmin DriveSmart™ 51 LMT-S

Garmin DriveSmart™ 55 & BC™ 40 Wireless Backup CameraGarmin DriveSmart™ 55 & BC™ 40 Wireless Backup Camera

Garmin DriveSmart™ 55 & TrafficGarmin DriveSmart™ 55 & Traffic

Garmin DriveSmart™ 60LMTGarmin DriveSmart™ 60LMT

Garmin DriveSmart™ 61 LMT-SGarmin DriveSmart™ 61 LMT-S

Garmin DriveSmart™ 65 & TrafficGarmin DriveSmart™ 65 & Traffic

Garmin DriveSmart™ 65 with Amazon AlexaGarmin DriveSmart™ 65 with Amazon Alexa

Garmin DriveSmart™ 70LMTGarmin DriveSmart™ 70LMT

Garmin DriveTrack™ 70LMTGarmin DriveTrack™ 70LMT

Garmin DriveTrack™ 71Garmin DriveTrack™ 71

nüLink!® 1695 LIVEnüLink!® 1695 LIVE

nüvi® 1200nüvi® 1200

nüvi® 1250nüvi® 1250

nüvi® 1300nüvi® 1300

nüvi® 1350nüvi® 1350

nüvi® 1350LMTnüvi® 1350LMT

nüvi® 1370Tnüvi® 1370T

nüvi® 1390LMTnüvi® 1390LMT

nüvi® 1390Tnüvi® 1390T

nüvi® 1450nüvi® 1450

nüvi® 1450LMTnüvi® 1450LMT

nüvi® 1490LMTnüvi® 1490LMT

nüvi® 1490Tnüvi® 1490T

nüvi® 200nüvi® 200

nüvi® 200Wnüvi® 200W

nüvi® 205nüvi® 205

nüvi® 205Wnüvi® 205W

nüvi® 2200nüvi® 2200

nüvi® 2300nüvi® 2300

nüvi® 2350LTnüvi® 2350LT

nüvi® 2360LTnüvi® 2360LT

nüvi® 2370LTnüvi® 2370LT

nüvi® 2450nüvi® 2450

nüvi® 2450LMnüvi® 2450LM

nüvi® 2455LMnüvi® 2455LM

nüvi® 2455LMTnüvi® 2455LMT

nüvi® 2455LTnüvi® 2455LT

nüvi® 2457LMTnüvi® 2457LMT

nüvi® 2460LMTnüvi® 2460LMT

nüvi® 2460LTnüvi® 2460LT

nüvi® 2475LTnüvi® 2475LT

nüvi® 2495LMTnüvi® 2495LMT

nüvi® 2497LMTnüvi® 2497LMT

nüvi® 250nüvi® 250

nüvi® 250Wnüvi® 250W

nüvi® 2539LMTnüvi® 2539LMT

nüvi® 255nüvi® 255

nüvi® 2555LMnüvi® 2555LM

nüvi® 2555LMTnüvi® 2555LMT

nüvi® 2555LTnüvi® 2555LT

nüvi® 2557LMTnüvi® 2557LMT

nüvi® 2558LMTHDnüvi® 2558LMTHD

nüvi® 2559LMTnüvi® 2559LMT

nüvi® 255Wnüvi® 255W

nüvi® 2577LTnüvi® 2577LT

nüvi® 2589LMTnüvi® 2589LMT

nüvi® 2595LMTnüvi® 2595LMT

nüvi® 2597LMTnüvi® 2597LMT

nüvi® 2598LMTHDnüvi® 2598LMTHD

nüvi® 2599LMTHDnüvi® 2599LMTHD

nüvi® 260nüvi® 260

nüvi® 260Wnüvi® 260W

nüvi® 2639LMTnüvi® 2639LMT

nüvi® 265Tnüvi® 265T

nüvi® 265WTnüvi® 265WT

nüvi® 2689LMTnüvi® 2689LMT

nüvi® 2699LMTHDnüvi® 2699LMTHD

nüvi® 270nüvi® 270

nüvi® 2757LMnüvi® 2757LM

nüvi® 275Tnüvi® 275T

nüvi® 2789LMTnüvi® 2789LMT

nüvi® 2797LMTnüvi® 2797LMT

nüvi® 2798LMT with Backup Cameranüvi® 2798LMT with Backup Camera

nüvi® 285WTnüvi® 285WT

nüvi® 295Wnüvi® 295W

nüvi® 30nüvi® 30

nüvi® 3450nüvi® 3450

nüvi® 3450LMnüvi® 3450LM

nüvi® 3490LMTnüvi® 3490LMT

nüvi® 350nüvi® 350

nüvi® 3550LMnüvi® 3550LM

nüvi® 3590LMTnüvi® 3590LMT

nüvi® 3597LMTHDnüvi® 3597LMTHD

nüvi® 360nüvi® 360

nüvi® 370nüvi® 370

nüvi® 3750nüvi® 3750

nüvi® 3760LMTnüvi® 3760LMT

nüvi® 3760Tnüvi® 3760T

nüvi® 3790LMTnüvi® 3790LMT

nüvi® 3790Tnüvi® 3790T

nüvi® 40nüvi® 40

nüvi® 40LMnüvi® 40LM

nüvi® 42nüvi® 42

nüvi® 42LMnüvi® 42LM

nüvi® 44nüvi® 44

nüvi® 44LMnüvi® 44LM

nüvi® 465LMTnüvi® 465LMT

nüvi® 50nüvi® 50

nüvi® 500nüvi® 500

nüvi® 50LMnüvi® 50LM

nüvi® 52nüvi® 52

nüvi® 52LMnüvi® 52LM

nüvi® 54LMnüvi® 54LM

nüvi® 55nüvi® 55

nüvi® 55LMnüvi® 55LM

nüvi® 55LMTnüvi® 55LMT

nüvi® 56nüvi® 56

nüvi® 56LMnüvi® 56LM

nüvi® 56LMTnüvi® 56LMT

nüvi® 57nüvi® 57

nüvi® 57LMnüvi® 57LM

nüvi® 57LMTnüvi® 57LMT

nüvi® 58nüvi® 58

nüvi® 58LMnüvi® 58LM

nüvi® 58LMTnüvi® 58LMT

nüvi® 65LMnüvi® 65LM

nüvi® 65LMTnüvi® 65LMT

nüvi® 66LMnüvi® 66LM

nüvi® 66LMTnüvi® 66LMT

nüvi® 67LMnüvi® 67LM

nüvi® 67LMTnüvi® 67LMT

nüvi® 68LMnüvi® 68LM

nüvi® 68LMTnüvi® 68LMT

nüviCam™ LMTHDnüviCam™ LMTHD



RV 701 Navigator and RemoteRV 701 Navigator and Remote


RV 760LMT with Wireless Backup CameraRV 760LMT with Wireless Backup Camera

RV 770 LMT-SRV 770 LMT-S

RV 780 & TrafficRV 780 & Traffic

RV 785 & TrafficRV 785 & Traffic



VIRB® EliteVIRB® Elite

VIRB® Elite for Aviation BundleVIRB® Elite for Aviation Bundle

VIRB® Ultra 30VIRB® Ultra 30

VIRB® Ultra 30 with Powered MountVIRB® Ultra 30 with Powered Mount


VIRB® XE Auto Racing BundleVIRB® XE Auto Racing Bundle

VIRB® XE Aviation BundleVIRB® XE Aviation Bundle

VIRB® XE Cycling BundleVIRB® XE Cycling Bundle

zūmo® 220zūmo® 220

zūmo® 350LMzūmo® 350LM

zūmo® 390LMzūmo® 390LM

zūmo® 395LMzūmo® 395LM

zūmo® 396 LMT-Szūmo® 396 LMT-S

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